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Summer Camp Adventure (Slavňovice, 1. - 14. 7. 2018)

This year's summer camp was very successful. We had quite a high number of children and thanks to an Erasmus+ project "Summer Camp Adventure", we could also welcome foreign leaders - this year from Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey. During the 14 days, the children were travelling around the world, visiting various countries, getting to know new cultures and also a little bit of political systems. The children will for sure never forget the visit to North Corea. Besides that, we also took part in a Brazilian carnival, fought with the Russian mafia and learned to create origami in China. In the second week, we also visited the town of Český Krumlov - we visited the gardens next to the chateaux and had lunch right at the castle. Because a professional filmmaker joined us this year, we are happy to have also our first summer camp video.

You can check out photos from the camp here and the video here.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE



Digital Youth - October 2018, Turkey

Just like in 2017, also this October we will go to sunny Turkey with the project Digital Youth. It is a training course for youth workers. The participants will get to know other cultures and their habits and at the same time they will learn to work with a camera, shoot and cut videos. In the second half of the project, we will connect these two spheres and the participants will shoot their own short movies with intercultural topics, which will later on be shown at international film festivals. Apart from that, they will also learn about youth work in different countries, gain intercultural contacts and find out how their organization can also take part in Erasmus+ programme.

You can see movies we created last year here.

More information will appear here soon in an infopack.


EMPathY: Emotional Management - The Path for Youth: 19. - 26. 9. 2018, Rumunsko

This is a training course for youth workers, that will take place in Romania in September 2018. The topic is "emotional management". Our objective with the project as a whole is to become experienced both on working with emotional management in all the fields we work regularly and to do our young teenager related youth work in the future keeping mind emotional management practices when we deal with the social oppression and abuses that leads to unbalanced emotional lives at a young age. The participants will learn concrete methods of teaching young people how to work with their emotions and lead a balanced life.

Infopack with more information will appear here soon.

The Long Way to Europe (Krakow, 11. - 14. 5. 2018)

The second weekend in May, representatives of our organization took part in an international training under the Erasmus+ project "The Long Way to Europe". This time the meeting took place in Krakow, because this place is in many ways connected to antisemitism and holocaust. 28 participants from eight countries got the opportunity to visit Schindler's factory (famous thanks to the Spielberg's movie Schindler's List) and also the most famous concentration camp Auschwitz. The training ended by organizing a street debate in the streets of Krakow, which motivated the participants to be more active in the society when they come home.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE


Street debate (Sedlčany, 12. 5. 2018)

On the 12th of May, we organized our first "street debate" as a part of an Erasmus+ project "The Long Way to Europe", which motivates young people to be more interested in what is happening in their countries and to take an active part in the society. The topic of this first debate was "difference" and our aim was to create a debate about this topic amongst random people on the street who would normally never start talking to each other. We - me (Mája), Eva Pešková, Míra Krampera and Petr Čáp - met in the morning on the square in Sedlčany, brought a big board and on it, we hung the question "Have you ever felt "different"? When?" Then we asked random people on the square and wrote their answers on the board - this way we created a kind of a collage of various experiences with "being different", which the passers-by could read and think about. The whole time there was a nice and friendly atmosphere, we enjoyed the time together and gained experiences, which we are going to use in the next debates we organize.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE



Green Youth Media - 6-12 October 2018, Turkey

The Project “Green Youth Media” is intended for youth leaders, youth workers and volunteers from environmental organizations to support them in increasing their impact by means of training and workshop communication skills with media. The project addresses the needs of the young environmental organizations to improve their competencies in communication with public and media in order to increase the youth awareness about environmental problems. Some of the workshops are focusing for example on citizen journalism, campaign planning, press conferences, etc. The project will take place on the biggest island of Turkey - Imbros.

You can find more information here:

Training course "Games for Change" (Říčany, February 2018)

In the first week of February we organized a training course for youth workers named "Games for Change" in Říčany, Czech Republic. The participants had a great opportunity to learn to use games as a method in non-formal education and also as a tool for spreading tolerance and inclusion. People from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Spain and Turkey took part in the project. After the theoretical part of the project and a half-day excursion to Prague, which everybody enjoyed quite a lot, the participants got the chance to put into practice what they learned and create their own educational game. And the results were very interesting - besides using the knowledge and skills they gained during the project, they also used a lot of their own creativity and originality. The project brought together a group of great people enthusiastic about games and so we spent most of the free time playing board as well as non-board games and we had a lot of fun and gained new contacts as well as good friends.

Photos from the project are in the gallery.


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