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Street debate (Sedlčany, 12. 5. 2018)

On the 12th of May, we organized our first "street debate" as a part of an Erasmus+ project "The Long Way to Europe", which motivates young people to be more interested in what is happening in their countries and to take an active part in the society. The topic of this first debate was "difference" and our aim was to create a debate about this topic amongst random people on the street who would normally never start talking to each other. We - me (Mája), Eva Pešková, Míra Krampera and Petr Čáp - met in the morning on the square in Sedlčany, brought a big board and on it, we hung the question "Have you ever felt "different"? When?" Then we asked random people on the square and wrote their answers on the board - this way we created a kind of a collage of various experiences with "being different", which the passers-by could read and think about. The whole time there was a nice and friendly atmosphere, we enjoyed the time together and gained experiences, which we are going to use in the next debates we organize.

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Green Youth Media - 6-12 October 2018, Turkey

The Project “Green Youth Media” is intended for youth leaders, youth workers and volunteers from environmental organizations to support them in increasing their impact by means of training and workshop communication skills with media. The project addresses the needs of the young environmental organizations to improve their competencies in communication with public and media in order to increase the youth awareness about environmental problems. Some of the workshops are focusing for example on citizen journalism, campaign planning, press conferences, etc. The project will take place on the biggest island of Turkey - Imbros.

You can find more information here:

Training course "Games for Change" (Říčany, February 2018)

In the first week of February we organized a training course for youth workers named "Games for Change" in Říčany, Czech Republic. The participants had a great opportunity to learn to use games as a method in non-formal education and also as a tool for spreading tolerance and inclusion. People from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Spain and Turkey took part in the project. After the theoretical part of the project and a half-day excursion to Prague, which everybody enjoyed quite a lot, the participants got the chance to put into practice what they learned and create their own educational game. And the results were very interesting - besides using the knowledge and skills they gained during the project, they also used a lot of their own creativity and originality. The project brought together a group of great people enthusiastic about games and so we spent most of the free time playing board as well as non-board games and we had a lot of fun and gained new contacts as well as good friends.

Photos from the project soon in the gallery.



Netiquette: Empowering Digital Youth - 19th - 26th August 2018, Estonia

As we have etiquette rules for every situation as correct social behaviour, we also need to follow those rules online. Therefore there are netiquette rules and it is defined as a set of rules for acceptable online behaviour. Young people are staying “online” 24/7 and therefore it is important for them to know the netiquette rules. Furthermore, netiquette can actually give tools for empowering youth. With this seminar, we aim​ ​to​ ​provide​ ​youth​ ​workers​ ​from​ ​different​ ​European​ ​countries​ ​with tools​ ​t​o​ ​educate​ ​young​ ​people​ ​with​ ​netiquette​ ​rules. The participants will develop skills and tools to promote healthy relationship with digital technology, learn about the No-Hate-Speech campaigne and much more.

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Erasmus Plus for young eco-entrepreneurs (Říčany, November 2017)

In November 2017 we hosted our last project of the year. It was a youth exchange named "Eco Possibilities for Entrepreneurship", which was attended by young people from Spain, Slovakia, Turkey and the Czech Republic. By using the method of various games, discussions and "learning by doing" they learned about ecology and entrepreneurship and tried to find ways to combine these two areas and create their own business, which would be not only successful, but also eco-friendly. There was enough time left also for teambuilding activities, a trip to Prague and to a bio-bakery Zemanka and intercultural evenings, which everybody liked a lot. At the end of the project, we went to the local high school, where we talked to the students not only about eco-entrepreneurship, but also about Erasmus+ and the opportunities it gives to young people. The project had a very nice and friendly atmosphere, we had a lot of fun and made many new friends.

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Erasmus+ project "Digital Youth" (Patara - Turkey, October 2017)

In October 2017 we organized our first international project outside of the Czech Republic. Between 11th and 19th October we met in a Turkish town of Patara with more than 30 people from Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey and Latvia, who work with young people and want to broaden their horizons in this area. This time the topic of the training was using audiovisual technologies as a tool for making young people more interested in other cultures and make them more tolerant towards people who are different. During the first days the participants discussed about intercultural learning and youth work and at the same time learned to use a camera and shoot and edit videos. At the end they split into groups and created five original short movies that somehow address the topic of intercultural diversity. And because everybody worked hard and with a lot of enthusiasm, we also had the time to explore Turkish nature and culture - we visited a traditional bazar, a ruin of ancient parliament and on the last day we went canoeing. We are now enriched by new experiences, but also new friendships and common plans for the future.

You can see the movies frome the project here.

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Erasmus+ in Italy (Molinterno - Itálie, May 2017)

In march of this year (2017) a group of three Czech studets, me, Anna and Jaja, attended Erasmus+ project in Italy. The project took place in Moliterno(PZ) and was named Creative Enterprise. Our main focus was on creating a realistic business plan, making realistic idea of how business works. Everyone enjoyed this project because it was entertaining.

Vojtěch Matouš


Erasmus+ project "Feeling Outdoor" (Radostovice, August 2017)

In August 2017 we organized our third training course for youth workers, this time the topic was "outdoor activities". 26 participants from the Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Macedonia, Spain and Portugal discovered during the 8 days of the project their relationship with nature and the main theories about learning in/from nature. We tried for example acrobatic yoga, walking on ropes and night games in the forest. The second half of the project was more practical - the participants tried to organize their own outdoor activities for children. The most interesting part of the project was undoubtedly the night hike, during which the participants slept in the nature, walked at least 20 kilometres and also fulfilled challenges that they chose - walk one hour without shoes or blindfolded, swim in a lake, talk to the local people and so on. During this project we continued designig ideas for our future activities and so we can be looking forward to meeting some of our new friends soon.

Photos from the project here.




Summer camp (Slavňovice, July 2017)

This year, our summer camp was a bit of an experiment, since we had made two significant changes in the way of organization. The first one was joining the two terms (for younger and older kids) into one. The second change was taking the international side of our camp to the next level by connecting it with a youth exchange under Erasmus+ programme, which was called "Summer camp adventure". This way, we could use the help and enthusiasm of 18 young leaders from the Czech republic, Slovakia and Spain. They were accommodated in the two cabins on the other side of the river and their main programme was exploring what being a youth worker/camp leader is about, what it is like to organize games and activities for children, but also taking care of themselves, cooking their own dinner, etc. It was a great opportunity for them to experience life in the middle of the Czech countryside, learn to canoe (God knows it wasn't easy), etc. During the camp we also organized a trip to Tábor, where the kids as well as the foreign leaders could explore the historical sights and Czech culture and then challenge themselves a little bit by walking back to the campsite. As a reward, they organized for the children Spanish and Slovakian evenings, in which they introduced to them their food, music, languages... On one rainy day we also had a movie marathon of animated movies. For next year, we have this project already approved, this time we will host also young people from Finland and Italy. 

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