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Youth work

Our non-profit organization works with young people since its very beginning in 2008 - long before it got its name and was officially created. The common features of the first events were activities in nature, a lot of outside and board games, singing with guitars, but also preparing food for everybody and cleaning the cottage. The goal was to lead children to realize that they can have fun without computers and alcohol – and even while working.

Since 2008 up to the present day our organization works with children in the form of weekend activities. They are mostly events at a cottage, but we have also organized a number of trips by train.

To keep improving our youth work, some of our members participate in international training courses within the Erasmus+ programme. In 2015 we managed to organize such a course in the Czech Republic focusing on the latest trends in the area of non-formal learning. In 2016 we held a similar one focusing on intercultural learning and we also took part in a youth exchange in High Tatras.

For May 2017 we are planning a youth exchange in Prague focusing on audiovisual technologies and the way to use them. The participants will learn how to make and cut videos and they will make their own short movie. We are also preparing projects for summer, but we need to wait if the Czech NA approves them.

So far we have organized these projects:

2015 - Magic of Non-Formal Learning

2016 - Multipliers of ICL and ICD

2017 - Get Your Own Picture

2017 - Summer Camp Adventure

2017 - Feeling Outdoor

And sent participants to these project abroad:

2016 - Eco-Entrepreneur (High Tatras)

2017 - Gender Awareness to be Aware (Estonia)


Our current projects

At the moment, we are involved in these projects:



Digital Youth - Turkey, 11th - 20th October 2017

With this training we aim to promote the idea of audiovisual technology and media as a part of youth-worker's daily work and as a source of many great opportunities. We want to increase awareness of the fact, that audiovisual technology can be very effectively used as a tool in non-formal education of young people and a great method to develop many of their skills. The training is based on experiential learning approach – the participants will experience different activities with audiovisual technology and then they will develop the skills to use the same or similar activities with their young people. We also will address other topics like gender equality, intercultural awareness, sense of initiative, etc. The training will be attended by people from Czech Republic, Germany, Turkey, Slovakia, Italy, Greece and Macedonia.

More information here:


Eco Possibilities for Entrepreneurship - Czech Republic, 31st October - 14th November 2017

In this youth exchange, young people interested in ecology and entrepreneurship will be able to share and discuss their ideas on a variety of topics and exchange their views and experiences. In the practical part of the project, they will learn to make their own ecological projects and business plans. In the last few days we will focus on promotion of ecology in public and the participants will on their own prepare and implement activities that will do just that. The project will improve not only awareness about ecology and entrepreneurship, but also liguistic and organizational skills of each of the participants.

More information in the infopack:


The long way to Europe, November 2017 - January 2019

This project, in which we are involved as partners, is a combination of four international and three local events (each of them will be attended by 2 people from our organization). The aim of the project is to experience the story of a Jewish painter, who lived in Auschwitz for a few years and then had to go to prison before he finally found a happy life in Romania. This way the project will raise the young people's awareness about european history and all the things that we  can learn from it. After each international meeting, the participants will organize a local artistic exhibition, so this way the project will also raise their creativity and sense of initiative.

More information in the attached file:


Games for Change, Czech Republic, 3rd - 11th February 2018

Games don’t have to be just fun – they can be also used as an effective tool for personal and social development of youngsters as well as promoting the changes in society. There is still a lot of undiscovered and unused potential in games that can help to tackle very serious issues and problems in society – like fear from the “others”, hate, discrimination, oppression, exclusion. The general idea of this project is to contribute to increasing the impact and quality of youth work by developing the competences of 24 youth workers from Programme countries on using games as an effective tool for value-based education and inclusion. 

Check out this document for more information:


Summer camp adventure - 30th June - 14th July 2018, Czech Republic

This project will be very similar to the one that we will carry out in July 2017, this way we will have already experience with organizing it and make it even better this time. It will take place at our campsite at the same time as a summer camp for children. This way, the participants will have a unique opportunity to experience the life of a youth worker by preparing games and activities for children and taking care of them. The main aim of our project is to awaken enthusiasm in the young people and show them how magical and rewarding working with children is, teach them different kinds of games and activities they can use any time and also give them the opportunity to experience life at a place in the middle of the countryside where there is forest on one side and river on the other. You can look forward to meeting new friends from the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Finland.

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