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Youth work

Our non-profit organization works with young people since its very beginning in 2008 - long before it got its name and was officially created. The common features of the first events were activities in nature, a lot of outside and board games, singing with guitars, but also preparing food for everybody and cleaning the cottage. The goal was to lead children to realize that they can have fun without computers and alcohol – and even while working.

Since 2008 up to the present day our organization works with children in the form of weekend activities. They are mostly events at a cottage, but we have also organized a number of trips by train.

To keep improving our youth work, some of our members participate in international training courses within the Erasmus+ programme. In 2015 we managed to organize such a course in the Czech Republic focusing on the latest trends in the area of non-formal learning. In 2016 we held a similar one focusing on intercultural learning and we also took part in a youth exchange in High Tatras.

For May 2017 we are planning a youth exchange in Prague focusing on audiovisual technologies and the way to use them. The participants will learn how to make and cut videos and they will make their own short movie. We are also preparing projects for summer, but we need to wait if the Czech NA approves them.


Our current projects


Netiquette: Empowering Digital Youth - 19th - 26th August 2018, Estonia

As we have etiquette rules for every situation as correct social behaviour, we also need to follow those rules online. Therefore there are netiquette rules and it is defined as a set of rules for acceptable online behaviour. Young people are staying “online” 24/7 and therefore it is important for them to know the netiquette rules. Furthermore, netiquette can actually give tools for empowering youth. With this seminar, we aim​ ​to​ ​provide​ ​youth​ ​workers​ ​from​ ​different​ ​European​ ​countries​ ​with tools​ ​t​o​ ​educate​ ​young​ ​people​ ​with​ ​netiquette​ ​rules. The participants will develop skills and tools to promote healthy relationship with digital technology, learn about the No-Hate-Speech campaigne and much more.

More information in the infopack


You(th) Play - 21. 8. - 2. 9. 2018, Czech Republic

This year, we decided to organize one more project at our beautiful campsite till the end of summer while it's still sunny and warm. The youth exchange "You(th) Play" will bring together young people from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland and for 11 days they will together discover the magic of board games as not only a source of entertainment, but also new knowledge and a great opportunity to bring up discussions about up-to-date topics. To put our new findings into practice, at the end of the project, we will create our own games that will have educational aims. Besides that, we will make a trip to some of the Czech towns and we will enjoy the life in the middle of the countryside.

For more information, check out the infopack:


EMPathY: Emotional Management - The Path for Youth: 19. - 26. 9. 2018, Rumunsko

This is a training course for youth workers, that will take place in Romania in September 2018. The topic is "emotional management". Our objective with the project as a whole is to become experienced both on working with emotional management in all the fields we work regularly and to do our young teenager related youth work in the future keeping mind emotional management practices when we deal with the social oppression and abuses that leads to unbalanced emotional lives at a young age. The participants will learn concrete methods of teaching young people how to work with their emotions and lead a balanced life.

Infopack with more information will appear here soon.


Green Youth Media - 6-12 October 2018, Turkey

The Project “Green Youth Media” is intended for youth leaders, youth workers and volunteers from environmental organizations to support them in increasing their impact by means of training and workshop communication skills with media. The project addresses the needs of the young environmental organizations to improve their competencies in communication with public and media in order to increase the youth awareness about environmental problems. Some of the workshops are focusing for example on citizen journalism, campaign planning, press conferences, etc. The project will take place on the biggest island of Turkey - Imbros.

You can find more information here:


Digital Youth - October 2018, Turkey

Just like in 2017, also this October we will go to sunny Turkey with the project Digital Youth. It is a training course for youth workers. The participants will get to know other cultures and their habits and at the same time they will learn to work with a camera, shoot and cut videos. In the second half of the project, we will connect these two spheres and the participants will shoot their own short movies with intercultural topics, which will later on be shown at international film festivals. Apart from that, they will also learn about youth work in different countries, gain intercultural contacts and find out how their organization can also take part in Erasmus+ programme.

You can see movies we created last year here.

You can find more information in the infopack:


So far we have organized these projects:

2015 - Magic of Non-Formal Learning

2016 - Multipliers of ICL and ICD

2017 - Get Your Own Picture

2017 - Summer Camp Adventure

2017 - Feeling Outdoor

2017 - Digital Youth (Turkey)

2017 - Eco Possibilities for Entrepreneurship

2018 - Games for Change

2018 - Summer Camp Adventure

And sent participants to these project abroad:

2016 - Eco-Entrepreneur (High Tatras)

2017 - Gender Awareness to be Aware (Estonia)

2017 - Multipliers of Non-formal and Intercultural Communication (Turkey)

2017 - Creative Entreprise (Italy)

2018 - Through Outdoor Experiential Learning to the Best of You(th)

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